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An unexpected match: avocado and mustard


One of my colleagues invites me over for lunch. He’s a deep food and wine expert, and he’s always got multiethnic grocery shopping in his refrigerator.

He sells wine and sweets, he’s married to a Dutch girl, he taught me that chocolate can’t really expire: you just have to boil and temper it, and it will completely recover. Did you know that?

Several appetizers are left on a table as a sort of buffet before starting the actual dinner. Some of them are average: very good veggies, delicious cold cuts, and cheese. By the way, they don’t blow my mind away. The real protagonist of the show is a very unexpected match: half avocados served with mustard.

Avocado with mustard: no, I’m not yet drunk

Did I get it right? I think that maybe I am already exaggerating with wine, but no, that is real.

I hate mustard
, especially Italian yellow mustard that is completely different from a Dijon one and even more from the English version. It’s commercial, you just find it next to a bottle of cheap ketchup and it is used to cover any possible tastes. It’s sour, it’s just like a mix of vinegar and rotten plums to me.

However, this mustard is different, and eating it with avocado is a real experience. It is indeed aggressive, but not over-the-top. It is complex but still clear for unrefined palates like mine.

Avocado and mustard: the easiest recipe ever

The recipe is quite clear, too: you just have to cut an avocado in half, take the perfectly spherical seed away and put a lot of mustard just there, in the belly of this amazing fruit. That’s all.

Once you’re done, you can taste an easy but important revolution.
Mexico will meet Europe
in just one bite, acidity and fatness will marry and live happily ever after.

The aftertaste is so new and fresh that it’s hard to pair a perfect drink. Most probably I’ll just go for a tonic or ginger ale, but even water if that is needed to preserve the astonishment in your mouth.

avocado and mustard

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