and why are we called “AfterTaste” blog?

A Turkish businessman once entered an Italian duty-free shopping area and asked for a “love wine”. He didn’t ask for a white or a red one, still or sparkling.

How could you help him?

Most probably he is about to take a flight and go back home to his wife, or he has got a romantic concept of Italy as many tourists do.

Our shop assistant has just one adjective, one hint to follow, and even if he’s an expert, he would give a recommendation that follows his own idea of love. The shop assistant will surely connect this idea to one or more memories, and this way he will give a new memory to his client.

That’s why one day we could decide to follow grandma’s recipe of a dish that we will prepare with her help and supervision. Even though we would choose to use the same pan and the same ingredients, the result will be different. Why? Because the most important ingredient is the chef him/herself.

That’s why we are called AfterTaste blog. Because we believe that food is all about the sensations we feel while eating and drinking, the memories we share doing this, that mix of past and future that determines our present.

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