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Grandma’s Enza French omelette or “eggs a meletta”


What do you mean by “a meletta” eggs?

That’s my grandma Enza’s version of the French omelette, clearly Italianized.

I would challenge her if she was still alive: her omelette vs Jacques Pepin’s one.

I’m quite sure Pepin won’t win because my grandma’s omelette is irreplaceable.

It’s not a matter of technique, it’s a matter of ingredients. And the ingredients I’m referring to cannot be found in a supermarket, they cannot be bought anywhere.

How to make eggs “a meletta”?

There’s not even a proper recipe.

My grandma used to beat the eggs with salt and grated parmesan to taste, and she wasn’t too energetic because she didn’t like laborious activities. There had to be an old and scratched skillet, the flame had to be on high heat, the quantity of oil to fry varied according to the mood of the day.

She wasn’t even waiting for the oil to be hot enough since grandma Enza was quite impatient.

She used to pour everything inside the skillet and have a conversation with whoever was around while the eggs were cooking. But she inexplicably knew when was the right time to flip her omelette and close it properly.

Her omelette was perfect: crusty outside, creamy inside… just right. And she has never ever gone wrong with this. It was impossible for her to make a mistake even if she changed skillet, home, location, eggs, cooking time.

She was just able to reach a perfect result, a result that was against the rules of science.

French omelette grandma recipe

Is it possible to replicate my grandma’s omelette?

That’s how and why I’ve never eaten an omelette like hers. I tried several times, I studied different techniques and that’s probably why I never managed to prepare a good one.

Whenever grandma Enza was cooking eggs “a meletta” for me, they were never enough. I wanted more, and more, and more.

In the end I figured out that this was only possible thanks to two fundamental factors: my grandma’s madness and all her love.

I keep such a clear memory of this dish, even if it’s a long time I can’t eat eggs “a meletta” anymore.
They were her masterpiece, her quality brand, and this can’t be outdone worldwide.

(Btw, here’s Jacques Pèpin most recent French omelette recipe, enjoy!)

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